The Chair of Special Education and Special Psychology is an integral part of the Novosibrisk Teachers` Professional Re-training Institute - a state educational establishment, engaged in postgraduate education, re-training and professional development of school administrators and teachers.

The Chair of Special Education and Special Psychology is the only one division in Siberian region, which carries out professional re-training programs for special educators, and as such operates as regional scientific and methodological center.

The Chair possesses a license of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation for postgraduate training of researchers in general and special psychology, psychology of personality and history of psychology.


The staff of the Chair directs its activities towards implementation of effective professional practices aimed on improvement of educational outcomes for individuals with disabilities through researches, training courses and consultations.


1. Collecting, evaluating, adapting and developing programs and instructional materials in the field of special education and special psychology.
2. Dissemination of information about teaching and social adaptation of children with special educational needs through publishing monographs, textbooks and articles in Russian and foreign scientific periodic.
3. Conducting researches aimed at
- developing effective educational programs, based on teacher - student collaboration;
- overcoming of pathogen biological and social factors influencing a child`s health.
4. Developing researching and analytical materials on special education system reform in Russian Federation.
5. Promoting awareness on the abilities and capacities of disabled people to combat the stereotypes and prejudices existing in society.

Services Provided

1. Special Education Personnel Preparation for teaching all types of exceptional learners: those with mild to sever mental retardation; behavioral or emotional disorders; learning disabilities; speech/communication problems; physical or orthopedic disabilities; autism; hearing impairments; multiple disabilities.
2. Evaluation of the quality of education provided by schools for children with special learning needs.
3. Consultation on issues related to the federal policies, legislation and accreditation for administrators of the schools for learners with special needs.
4. Professional support and consultation on scientific and methodological issues for special educators.


1. Teachers and administrators working in preschools and schools for children with special needs.
2. Researchers in the fields of general and special psychology, psychology of personality and history of psychology.
3. Specialists of local and regional departments of education working with children with disabilities and their families.

Population Served

1. Children with all types of disabilities.
2. Families and parents of children with disabilities.
3. Non-governmental organisations, which unite people with diasbilities and which work for them
4. Communities.


The Head of the Chair - Ruben O. Agavelian, Doctor of Psychology, Professor.

Ruben O. Agavelian is awarded with nomination of Honorable Educator of Russian Federation General Education System.

Ruben O. Agavelian is the leader of the division of Special Psychology, Novosibirsk Affiliation of Russian Psychological Society. In addition, he is currently a member of
- the staff of the "Rehabilitation" journal;
- the Scientific Council of the Novosibrisk Teachers` Professional Re-training Institute;
- the Dissertation Council of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Division of Pedagogy and Psychology;
- Coordinating Council on Practical Psychology of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation;
- the task-force group, engaged in elaboration of the Law of the Novosibirsk region "Education for children with special learning needs".

Staff Members:

1. Oganes K. Agavelian, Doctor of Psychology, Professor.
2. Galina N. Vartapetova, Doctor of Pedagogy;
3. Galina N. Zharova, Doctor of Biology;
4. Anna U. Zarovniaeva, Doctor of Pedagogy;
5. Helena E. Petrova, Doctor of Pedagogy;
6. Lubov A. Saidakova, Doctor of Geography.


Novosibrisk Teachers Professional Re-training Institute
Krasny Prospect, 2
Novosibirsk, 630007 Russia
Tel: 7 383 223 54 09
Fax: 7 383 223 03 54
Email: agavelian@nipkipro.ru

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